The Call of the Wild

Find a job doing something you love.

Find a job doing something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s something we tell our kids. I know I’ve heard it time and again said amongst friends and family growing up. Why, then, do nearly all of us fail to do just that?

I suppose it’s because most jobs just aren’t lovable. At least not in the way that makes us feel like we’d rather be doing it than anything else. The kind of job you can love has to be built on passion.

If you’ve ever participated in one of those corporate motivational classes, you’ll likely remember the part where they tell you to find your passion in the work you already do. I suppose that works for some people. If that’s the case for you, then maybe you are the lucky one. But if you have a passion of your own…well, it likely outshines anything you can find in your work.

I believe each of us has something that makes us happy to the core. We turn to it in times of stress or sadness. We turn to it in times of joy because it amplifies the sensation. If we take that passion, whatever it is, and build our lives around it — we’ll find the lovable job we seek.

If your like me, I’m sure you have an unending list of reasons to keep plugging along — “I’m too busy.” “It’s too risky.” “It’ll never work.” “I’m too accustomed to my current lifestyle.” “People will think I’m crazy.” “Just wait until the kids are out of school.” “I’ll just wait until I┬áretire in 15 years.” The pile of reasons grows higher and higher each year until it seems insurmountable. The truth is, we only live one life. We should live it with passion. If not now, when?

With that, I’m planting my flag right here. It’s time to make my mark on the world.